The Asako Libraries was a great repository of knowledge of the Asako. [1] They were the only libraries specifically devoted to maintaining a collection of original manuscripts, practicing of “historiography,” or the study of the process of chronicling history itself. [2]

Shrine Edit

Adjoining the entry chambers was one of the single largest shrines to Tenjin, the Fortune of Writing and Literature. The monks who cared the shrine also served as assistants to the librarians. [2]

Chukan family Edit

In the early 2nd century, a scholar named Asako Chukan dedicated himself to sorting, organizing, and cataloguing the huge numbers of scrolls already accumulating in the temples of the Asako lands. He was named the founder of the Chukan vassal family, tasked with continually updating and organizing the vast stores of knowledge that accumulate in the Asako libraries. [3]

Known Head Researchers of the Libraries Edit


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