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Asako Kyoji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Asako Akahito

Asako Kyoji was the son of the master of the Henshin, Asako Akahito. He was secretely trained as Bloodspeaker. [1]

Yojimbo Edit

Shiba Hogai was his loyal yojimbo. [2]

Bloodspeaker cell Edit

Kyoji was a member of a cultist cell at Kyuden Asako that included the powerful courtier Asako Nichiren, the treasurer's scribe Kempai, and his own lover Asako Chisato. [3]

Ruby of Iuchiban Edit

In 1151 during the ceremony of his gempukku he was gifted by the Asako Daimyo Asako Toshi with the Ruby of Iuchiban. Toshi believed it was only a ruby. Inside the nemuranai was a dark spirit, Boutoku, who taught Kyoji maho. Their goal was to destroy the Asako family and the cell believed the time came in 1160. [4]

Exposed Edit

Kyoji attacked the monks of the Morning Blessing Temple to next in an attempt to prolong the possessions once he learnt of the effects of the Bell Spirit. He attacked and raped Makiko and fled to meet with the Five Scarlet Banners. [5]


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