Asako Kaitoko

Asako Kaitoko

Asako Kaitoko was a void shugenja, magistrate and inquisitor of the Phoenix Clan.

Station Edit

Asako Kaitoko 2

Asako Kaitoko

Kaitoko was appointed at the Imperial Court at Toshi Ranbo during the reign of the Empress Iweko I. [1]

War of Serpents Edit

In 1198 members of the Great Clans with ties to the Naga race were being targeted by an unknown foe. Kaitoko offered the aid of the Phoenix, particularly if some form of forbidden magic was involved. The former Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Mareshi had disappeared, as well as Akasha, mother of Moto Naleesh, betrothed of the current Dragon Champion Mirumoto Shikei. The Imperial Herald arrived and told the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Ikoma Katsuru had been slain in the Second City. [1]

Colonies Edit

Unrest in the Colonies Edit

In 1198 after the appointment of Otomo Suikihime as the new Imperial Governor of the Colonies, the Council were reported of disturbing news from the Second City. An increased detachment of Inquisitors wew sent to represent the clan's interests there, led by Asako Kaitoko. She was seen as a tetsubo, destroying everything that resembled an enemy. [2]

Exploration Edit

Kaitoko exploring the Colonies

Kaitoko exploring the Colonies

Kaitoko and her yojimbo Isawa Sakonoko discovered in the jungle aged titanic pillars of stone. The majestic and yet ominous pillars evoked her memories of Isawa Tadaka, the second Phoenix Thunder. They left the place to escape from the presence of a group of nonhuman cratures. Sakonoko fled with Shiba Sansesuke, but he died from wounds taken from beasts. [3] Kaitoko herself was wounded. [4]

Second City Edit

Kaitoko, as representative of the Council of Five, had an audience in the court of the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime. She pondered the dangers of exploration for the Second City, and permission was granted for the construction of a new temple for the Asako Inquisitors within the Temple District. This was seen by the Lion as an affront to the honor of their Clan, as Lion samurai had been the defenders of the city over the course of more than two decades. [4]

Emerald Champion's Advisor Edit

Kaitoko was appointed as advisor to the Emerald Champion Utaku Ji-Yun. [5]

It is the duty of the Phoenix to extinguish the dangers to our spirits.
-Asako Kaitoko [6]

External Links Edit

Isawa Mitsuko

Asako Kaitoko with the Master of Air Isawa Mitsuko


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