Asako Ishio 
Asako Ishio 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Ninth day of the Month of the Ox of 1128

Asako Ishio was a drummer of the Phoenix Clan.

Drummer Edit

Ishio had little affinity for the elements, but was instead a talented drummer, directing impressive taiko drum performances for daimyo from all families of the Phoenix. [1] Using a peculiar magic known only to the Asako, Ishio could use his drums to drive away all fear of the Shadows. Tested along the Kaiu Wall, he used to be posted with the army's Command Group. [2]

Clan War Edit

When the Clan War erupted, Ishio used the ritual drums to keep restless spirits at bay, and the strength of Ishio's chi confounded and dazed the armies of the Shadowlands. [1]

Death Edit

Ishio died on the Second Day of Thunder shortly before the defeat of Fu Leng. His remains were found largely intact beside his drums, drumsticks clutched in both hands. After playing without rest for several days, he had died of exhaustion. The look on his face was one of great pride, and he is remembered among the honored heroes of the Phoenix. [1]

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