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Asako Isamu was a henshin of the Phoenix Clan.

False Path Edit

Isamu collected records of several incidents of Henshin who had become mad when they fallen to a False Path, and studied the case of Asako Oyo, the immortal madman. Isamu found only one possible explanation, that Oyo proved that the Asako had blinded themselves to the True Path. The Path of Man was such that it could not ever be fully known. By believing that they had mastered it in any measure, the henshin had become stagnant. To desire the power of a Fortune was folly, and a corruption of Asako's pure teachings. Isamu proved that although the desire to become a Fortune was no longer the driving motivation of the Asako family, it was still, nevertheless, believed to be the ultimate end result of their teachings. [1]

Death Edit

Many of the elder Asako would not accept Isamu's words. A debate lasted weeks until Isamu in a large assembly of over six hundred Asako, vanished without a trace, ascending to the Celestial Heavens. [2]

Faking Oyo's death Edit

Shortly after Isamu reached the great insight that placed the Asako back onto the Path of Man, he reported Asako Oyo's death, the man who catalyzed a new age of learning among the henshin. It was a faked death, as Oyo had neglected to die after the Asako's experiments were over. Isamu expected to prevent others seeking to exploit him, and the immortal henshin retired to the forests near Oyo Seido. Isamu did not speak of the matter before his own disappearance. [3]


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