Asako Hoshimi 
Asako Hoshimi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173

Asako Hoshimi was a fire and air shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Training Edit

Hoshimi studied in the Agasha School which trained her in the mystical arts of potions and changing the elemental knowledge of alchemy. [citation needed]

War of Honor Edit

Bayushi Saka and Bayushi Hikoko provoked a conflict [1] with the Lion. [2] The Scorpion had attacked an Imperial ambassadorship caravan [3] near a Crane village, and the assailants had planted a dagger [4] with the Matsu mon. [5] Saka considered Akodo Dosei a straight-laced buffoon who had no inkling what was really going on there. By the time he realized it, it would all be over. [6] Matsu Fumiyo considered a blasphemy that a Lion's blade was found at the scene of a crime. [7] The Dragon revealed the truth, however, and the Scorpion were exposed. [8] A Lion army was given an opportunity to avenge a debt of honor. [9] The Phoenix meddled to stop the fight among both clans, including Hoshimi, [10] as well as the Dragon. [11] It was a dispute between two clans, with two more involved in a misguided attempt to mediate. [12] Disagreements between the clans caused great chaos and discord, but the situation ultimately benefited the Imperial families in one way or another, [13] and they had permitted the war to begin, as they provided the Scorpion the planted item. [14]

Destroyer War Edit

Hoshimi fought in the Destroyer War dealing with the yobanjin Army of Fire and the threatening Plague Zombies. [15]

Death Edit

Hoshimi was assisting the Shogun forces comanded by his Rikugunshokan Shiba Danjuro within the Scorpion lands. The Destroyers caught them in a pincer attack, and the rokugani could not fall back without being a slaughter. Hoshimi contacted with Agasha Kamarou, and requested her to contact the commander of the Fifth Imperial Legion, who was near the surrounded Danjuro's forces. The communication was lost when Hoshimi was killed by a Destroyer. [16]

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