Asako Hirariko

Asako Hirariko

Hirariko was a ninja that fell under the influence of the Lying Darkness during the War Against the Shadow becoming Ninube Hirariko, but eventually broke free and joined the Phoenix Clan and took the name Asako Hirariko and became a Henshin.

Ninube Edit

Hirariko was known as the "Silken Shadow", and she was an expert infiltrator. She had four different personae: a Lion courtier, a Crane diplomat, a peasant servant to Isawa Uona and, as her greatest achievement, the Crane Clan Champion's favorite geisha. [1]

War against Shadow Edit

Hirariko 2


During the War Against Shadow Hirariko was a ninja duelist. [2]

Joining the Phoenix Edit

Cleansed Edit

Hirariko was captured by the Phoenix Clan, who attempted a dangerous cleansing ritual upon her. It was successful and her soul and memories were saved, [3] so she joined the Phoenix. Some said Hirariko had found enlightenment, saving her from be consumed by the Lying Darkness. [4]

Carpenter Wall Falls Edit

After part of the Kaiu Wall had been taking by Shadowlands forces Hirariko came to help the Crab Clan. [5]

The Onisu Unleashed Edit

In 1159 below the Kaiu Wall Hirariko was attacked by the onisu Kyofu and the heshin was filled with terror knowing that she had yet to fulfill her destiny in this life and feared Meido would be like the horrible emptiness she felt while under control of the Lying Darkness. A wandering nezumi, Yoee'trr, knocked the Phoenix clear of the demon's weapon. The nezumi fought the Onisu fearlessly and relentlessly; Hirariko, inspired by the nezumi, used a Riddle to convince a water kami to strengthen Yoee'trr allowing him to pummel Kyofu to death. Yoee'trr offered the Henshin to come with him to his tribe to tell of their encounter. Hiraiko gave the nezumi a jade goblet that she had managed to save from a burning temple in Otosan Uchi. [5]

Nezumi Conflicts Edit

The Tattered Ear Nezumi Tribe had been killed by an unknown foe when Hirariko and Yoee'trr arrived to the burrow. A Crippled Bone pack led by Nir'um'tuk took them. They were journeying with a Crab bushi, Hiruma Tsuneko, and all came to see Old Stick. Hirariko talked with Hida Hio and Tsuneko while Yoee'trr was in a nezumi meeting and was commanded to tell the other nezumi tribes what had happened to the Tattered Ear and to find and kill the attackers. [6]

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Ninja Hirariko


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