Asako Hiiromi was an Air shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Demeanor and Appearance Edit

Hiiromi was a dainty woman who used to wear a deep crimson robes with designs that �were upwards around a high collar. A prodigy of scholarship with genuine interest in every topic of study, she had a likable nature, and willingness to make friends. However, she was not a not especially talented in the ways of the kami. During a journey in the Unicorn lands she learned the path of peace followed by the Ide. Hiiromi was sent home after she triggered an epileptic seizure in front of an old Ide sensei. [1]

Eternal Danger Islands Edit

Hiiromi was sent to the Eternal Danger Islands as the leader of the Phoenix delegation. She was sent to uncover the Islands' ancient secrets, with the aid of several senior Asako scholars. Hiiromi was part of the court at Shiro no Raiden, under the rule of the Imperial Miya Onako. [2] Eventually peasant woodsmen came racing into the castle's city, reporting of dead bodies in the forest nearby. Hiiromi and the hunter and shugenja Moto Kesshite examined the scene of the massacre, where several Rokugani had been pinned down by unknown creatures, leaving behind only one survivor. Onako ordered Kesshite to discover the culprit with the aid of Matsu Tadaka, commander of the City of the Prosperous Dawn, which sat beside the castle. [3]

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