Asako Gohiro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 958 
Spouse: unnamed wife 
Children: Asako Kyo 
Titles: Imperial Cartographer

Asako Gohiro was a Phoenix Clan shugenja and Imperial Cartographer of the 10th century. He used a Jade Figurine as a communication channel with his cartographer scouts. [1]

Family Edit

Gohiro had a wife who died in 956, during the birth of their son Asako Kyo. [1]

King of the Trolls Edit

Gohiro was mapping mountains in the Spine of the World Mountains in 958 when his two companions, Otaku Zonoko and Shinjo Naru, inadvertantly awakened the King of the Trolls. Gohiro made his way to the nearest village where he enlisted the aid of Bayushi Seiko, the local magistrate. With the aid of Seiko and the zokujin Zgkol, Gohiro was able to defeat the Troll further north in the Northern Wall Mountains. The feat, however, cost him his life; and with his final breath, he made Seiko swear to raise his son Kyo to serve his lord as she served hers. [1]


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