Asako Chukan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Asako Daimyo

Asako Chukan was the Asako Daimyo who in 112 began the enormous task of standardizing the filing system for the records of the Asako temples. By 119, he had perfected his method and had applied it to virtually every Phoenix library. The system placed major records in the larger temples. Smaller temples nearby could request any records they needed by petitioning the larger regional temple. Spells and research were much easier to exchange between the various temples thanks to Chukan's research. However, there was a problem. Chukan had relied on help from various outside groups, such as the Otomo, Ikoma, Doji and Miya. He therefore offered them fealty to a vassal family that would be responsible for the enormous task, and with almost no exceptions, the Chukan family was born. [1]

Preceded by:
Asako Daimyo
(c. 112)
Succeeded by:


  1. Secrets of the Phoenix, pp. 39-40

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