Asako Akahito 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Asako Kyoji 
Titles: Master of the Henshin

Asako Akahito was a monk, leader of the Asako Libraries, and master of the Henshin. His son Asako Kyoji was revealed after his gempukku as a bloodspeaker, and the instrument that drew a dark spirit to Kyuden Asako. [1]

Appearance Edit

Akahito was a tall man, with long and smooth face,and bore a thin moustache and a wispy gray beard. He had little patience for fools and quickly saw through most bluffs. [2] He had a concubine, Isawa Sachiko. [3]

Possessed Edit

In 1160 in front of a class Akahito was possessed by a kansen who resided in the Ruby of Iuchiban. It exchanged Akahito's soul with its own, taking control of Akahito's body, which stood silent and unmoving for an hour. After the kansen left his body Akahito fell sick and moved to the Morning Blessing Temple. His behavior only got worse from there. [4]


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