Asahina Yasutora 
Asahina Yasutora 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named shugenja [1]

Asahina Yasutora was an Air shugenja of the Crane Clan.

Heritage Edit

Yasutora disliked all weapons on principle, but took great care of his wakizashi and was never seen in public without it. He inherited it from his mother's father, a Kakita swordsman of some note. [2]

Plague War Edit

The Plague War reached Yasutora in a village near the Scorpion-Crab border. A young lord named Byuko ordered the children of the town relocated to nearby villages, forcing Yasutora and his priests only to treat adults. Yasutora went to speak with the young man, to offer him one final reprieve. Enraged, the brash young lord strike cut a superficial incision into Yasutora's lower torso. An Imperial Legion knew of his attack on an Asahina, killing Byuko and razing his village to the ground. [1]

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