Asahina Tsukiyoka 
Asahina Tsukiyoka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133 
Died after return: Unknown 
Children: Asahina Roukai,
Asahina Tampako

Asahina Tsukiyoka [1] was one of the most promising shugenja at Shinden Asahina during her time. She excelled not only in spellcraft but also in crafting tsangusuri as sculptor, and even her teachers marveled at the power and beauty of her creations. The way she crafted tsangusuri was awe-inspiring and at the same time notorious because of the sheer number of magical items she crafted could drain the chi of an ordinary shugenja. [2]

Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness Edit

Tsukiyoka was a turning point in the behavior of the Asahina. Before they were devoted to peace and scholarship, with Tuskiyoka the Asahina had learned the ways of war. Hitomi was at Shinden Asahina in the twelfth day of the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness, and believed Tuskiyoka was the future of her family. [3]

War against Shadow Edit

Tsukiyoka believed the vows of the Asahina as pacifist family came to an end. She would be where the Empire or her Clan needed, even if it meant to fight in the battlefield. [4]

Death and Return Edit

Tsukiyoka died at Volturnum, and after she returned from Oblivion's Gate Tsukiyoka had lost her peace. [5]

War of Spirits Edit

During the War of Spirits, the Hantei XVI's army killed her youngest son, Asahina Tampako. [6] Tsukiyoka threw herself into supporting the war effort. Crane samurai marched into battle with her crafted tsangusuri at hand, making them feel that they were invincible and inspired. She died of exhaustion during the War of Spirits because she poured so much of her power and energy into creating tsangusu to help the Crane Clan. In honor of her relentless pursuit, the Crane established a school for those who had high affinity to crafting magical objects, and this school was since known as the Tsangusuri Daigaku. [7] Before she died, Tsukiyoka enhanced the effects of the Incense of Concentration. It facilitated a complex Phoenix ritual designed to allow returned spirits in Rokugan to become mortal once again. [8]

Eldest Son Edit

Her oldest son, Asahina Roukai, had been born in 1132 on the first day of the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness and continued her work with crafting tsangusuri. [9]


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