Asahina Spells tend towards the peaceful and defensive type, reflecting the ideals of the founder of the Asahina family Asahina after he saw the errors of his ways. The Crane school is quite close with its Phoenix cousins, and the two will often share spells between eachother. The spells were created by the first masters of the Asahina and, other than the Phoenix, they are rarely shared outside the walls of Shinden Asahina. [1]

Spells Edit

Gust of Wind Edit

The Gust of Wind spell manipulates the air around the target deflecting physical attacks or even returning them back on the attacker. [1]

Binding Edit

The Binding spell slows time within a limited area slowing down anyone entering the area affected by the spell. [1]

Awaken the Spirit Edit

The Awaken the Spirit spell temporarily rouses the spirit of an item, making it better at doing whatever it was designed for. It does not function on nemuranai, which already have been awakened. [1]

Banish the Air Edit

The Banish the Air spell depleted of air an area, wounding the creatures by suffocation. [2]

Brittle Tempest Edit

The Brittle Tempest spell created a blizzard. ref name="Shugenja34"/>

Guidance of the Wind Edit

The Guidance of the Wind spell redirected any ranged weapon. [2]

Quickness of a Breeze Edit

The Quickness of a Breeze spell granted speed. [2]

Steal the Breath Edit

The Steal the Breath spell removed the air of the target's lungs. [2]

Winter's Touch Edit

The Winter's Touch spell frozen the flesh of the target the shugenja touched. [2]


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