Asahina Shigemitsu

Asahina Shigemitsu

Asahina Shigemitsu was an air shugenja of the Crane Clan. He was chosen as the Favored of the Air Dragon.

Favored of the Air Dragon Edit

Shigemitsu was a minor governor of Asahina lands when the War of the Twins broke. He went to visit Yogo Adi, and offered his aid to harvest Scorpion crops before the fields were ravaged by the war. He claimed to be making the same offer to the Phoenix as well. Shigemitsu was found worthy by the Dragon of Air, and he was blessed by the Elemental Dragon. [1]

Shinden Asahina Edit

In 1193, in the Month of the Goat, Shigemitsu granted audience to Tamori Ruya and her apprentice Tamori Tomaru, who had came to Shinden Asahina to speak with the Asahina Daimyo, who was not present. Ruya returned to the Asahina a tainted netsuke crafted by the infamous daimyo Asahina Keitaro in the Anvil of Despair. Eventually this event forged an alliance between both families, with small groups of Tamori and Asahina traveling the empire together. [2]

Way of the Asahina Edit

During the P'an Ku's madness Shigemitsu did not follow the ways of the peaceful Asahina, as honor mattered greatly for him. [3] While the Asahina clung to their beliefs of non-violence, Shigemitsu took his troops and priests and refused to stood idly. Choosing honour over a false peace, Shigemitsu butchered Fallen and Fudoist alike. The Asahina were horrified and openly denounced him, but Doji Makoto and kuge of other families supported Shigemitsu's actions: they were not at all pleased with the Asahina family behaviour in relationship with the Fudoism. While many Asahina protested and committed seppuku against this protection of what they saw as a traitor, younger Asahina flock to Shigemitsu. Many Progressive Crane see Shigemitsu as a rallying symbol and many speak how he would make an excellent Asahina Daimyo capable of clear the family of the shame of Fudo. [citation needed]

Winter Court - 1999 Edit

Shigemitsu was invited to act as the Crane Delegation Head for Imperial Winter Court at Toshi Ranbo in the year 1199. [4]

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Asahina Shigemitsu


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