Asahina Roukai 
Born: 1132 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Asahina Tsukiyoka 
Siblings: Asahina Tampako

Asahina Roukai was the eldest son of one of the most well known tsangusuri crafters in the Crane lands, Asahina Tsukiyoka. He was the resident Master Sculptor of Shinden Asahina and one of the most powerful crafters of nemuranai that the Asahina had ever known, carrying his mother's legacy of perfection and notoriety. [1]

Birth Edit

Born in 1132 during the first of the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness, Roukai was strangely cursed by the circumstances of his birth: as he could only sculpt well while the moon was up. [1]

Temper Edit

During the day or during the new moon, he would become irritable and found that his sculptures, nemuranai, and magic all suffered to the point of being twisted and worthless. In return, Lady Moon blessed any creations made while she was in the sky. The stone that Roukai carved under the light of the moon looked as if it could come alive. [1]

Brother Edit

During the War of Spirits, the Hantei XVI's army killed his brother Asahina Tampako. Their mother Tsukiyoka threw herself into supporting the war effort. [2]

Notable Work Edit

Toturi Tsudao Statue

Statue of Toturi Tsudao

One example of his work could be found in Toshi Ranbo, where he had sculpted a life-like image of Toturi Tsudao. The pottery he crafted was lighter than a feather and as strong as steel and his spellcrafts were extremely powerful. While Roukai learned to deal with his curse, he could become irritable and short tempered during times when his talent abandoned him and could not abide anyone complimenting his work. Most of the other Crane Clan families at the Asahina temple learned to appreciate his works in silence. [1]

Scorpion Plot Edit

While Roukai was working on the statue, during the day it was a hideous mockery of the Lady of the Sun. At night the statue had looked almost like a perfect replica of Tsudao. This effect was not caused by his curse, but the magic of a Scorpion spy, who had hoped to drive a minor wedge between Tsudao and her Crane followers just as the Scorpion would present their own statue to the selfproclamated Empress and curry her favor. Roukai sent a message to the Elemental Masters through a groupo of samurai, requesting their aid. The Scorpion did their best to delay the party or destroy the message. The group managed to deliver the message, and the Masters saw through the spy ruse. [1]


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