Asahina Nahomi 
Asahina Nahomi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Asahina Nahomi was a shugenja and bloodspeaker of the Crane Clan.

Bloodspeaker Edit

Nahomi had always looked down upon her family's foolish pacifistic ways. She had sought the secrets of blood magic, thinking that she might turn against the Bloodspeakers and use what she had learned to fortify the Crane. Too late she had learned her error, when she became a slave of Iuchiban's will. [1]

Blood Hunt Edit

When Iuchiban unleashed his servants against Rokugan in 1166, Nahomi was forced to summon oni, which killed farmers who quickly joined her bloodspeaker army as undead. They marched against Shinden Asahina expecting no resistence.[1]

Death Edit

From the temple galloped Doji Yasuyo and her armies, who overcame the bloodspeakers. Nahomi began to perform a curse that would wrack Yasuyo with misery and disease, bringing slow, painful, inevitable death. At the last moment Nahomi repented, and drew upon reserves of strength that she had not known existed. Nahomi bit down upon her traitorous tongue and ended the spell, allowing Yasuyo the time reach and kill her. [1]

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