Asahina Mifune was the shugenja who created Kyuden no Kin to show his love for the Dragon samurai-ko Mirumoto Tanoshiko. Mifune built the palace surrounded by trickling streams and carved mahogany and jade. When she still would not come he made the walls covered with solid gold. She still would not come, so finally he made the finest artisans of the Empire etch lifelike mountains of the glass panes of all the windows. Now when Tanoshiko looked out of the windows she saw mountains and she was happy, and the two married.

Fall of the Palace Edit

The legend of the palace grew, and drew the attention of a group of bandits. Three of the bandits disguised themselves as merhcants and gained entrance to the palace. In the night they killed the guards and opened the doors to the remaining bandit horde. When Mifune was slow in fulfilling their demands they killed Tanoshiko. Mifune's retribution was swift, but too late to save his wife. He carried her body to the top of the palace and summoned dark magics to carry the palace and everything in it into the void. The ground where the palace had stood was forever considered haunted, and no villagers dare travel across the hills near Kawa sano Zatu Shudoshi where it stood. It is said that some nights the tortured bandits can still be heard and strange lights flicker.

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Crane Page 16-17.

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