Kakita Michiyo became Asahina Michiyo, a shugenja of the Crane Clan.

Training Edit

Born into the Kakita, Michiyo was fostered to the Asahina when her gifts were recognized. In the Heaven's Wisdom Temple she was trained as a shugenja who showed a keen memory to recall the numerous ceremonies and rituals of a priestess. [1]

Colonies Edit

Michiyo volunteered to travel to the Colonies, convinced that if the kami existed in the Ivory Kingdoms, then the Kami no michi was the true way of the entire world. Overwhelmed by the Second City and its strange lifestyle, Michiyo soon found herself strangely adrift. [1]

Displaced Edit

Ill suited for court duties, Michiyo was reassigned as assistant to a military officer, Daidoji Senshi. The priestess realized he was a total brute who had no interest in spiritual matters, and requested Michiyo to use her gifts to cause troubles to his enemies. Doji Yuka, new head of the Crane delegation, gleaned the source of Michiyo's problems and promised she would take care. [2]

Siege of the Second City Edit

After the Siege of the Second City she was given a yojimbo, Kakita Meta. Michiyo, Kitsu Mai, and Isawa Teiko swore to the interim Imperial Governor of the Colonies, Kuni Renyu, to act as their liaisons for the existing bureaucracy. Shortly after, the Empress' second son Iweko Shibatsu took the post of governor for himself. [3]

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