Asahina Mataro 
Asahina Mataro 
Born: 1121 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Doji Chiisaiko 
Titles: Asahina Battle School founder

Asahina Mataro was an Air shugenja of the Crane Clan who founded the Asahina Battle School.

Clan War Edit

Mataro was born seven years before he was trapped within Shinden Asahina during the Battle of Bloodied Honor. The boy saw maho, oni, zombies, and the vision of the False Hoturi among other nightmares this days. Mataro watched the shugenja of the temple die, unwilling or unable to strike back against their foes. [1]

Asahina Shugenja Edit

Mataro grew to believe that Asahina pacifism was a fallacy. Expelled from the Temple of the Morning Sun before his gempukku for his militaristic beliefs, he gained admittance to the Asahina Shugenja school. [1]

Ways of the Battle Edit

Mataro gathered other Asahina to resolve the deficiencies of the Crane shugenja on the battlefield. The Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Rekai granted him an abandoned monastery in the heights of the Spine of the World Mountains near Cold Wind City, to train in secrecy Asahina Shugenja in the ways of battle. [2]

Secret Daughter Edit

Mataro had a a torrid, but brief, love affair with Doji Isoko, a married maiden. Doji Chiisaiko was the result of the event, but it was believed by the rest of society to have been conceived with Isoko's husband. When Chiisaiko grew up she joined the Asahina Battle School and was trained by Mataro. The girl was one of the school's first graduates, with a spirit as untamed as that of her father. [3]


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