Asahina Kimita 
Asahina Kimita 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1158, Month of the Tiger [1] 
Parents: Asahina Koji 
Siblings: Asahina Sekawa 
Titles: Asahina Daimyo

Asahina Kimita was the sister of Asahina Sekawa and niece of the Asahina Daimyo Asahina Tamako.

Smith Apprentice Edit

In 1144 the settlement which would be known as Water Hammer City rapidly grew. The monk and blacksmith Haru accepted his first students, who were offered the chance to practice his skills on the sacred forge there, [2] a scale of the Water Dragon herself. All of the clans save the Scorpion answered this call, and Kimita came there as the Crane representative. [3]

Master Creation Edit

For weeks, she observed the other apprentices. Finally, months after she arrived, Kimita spent weeks in the forge, shaping wood from the Asahina forests. At the end of thirty-one days, Kimita presented the Thunder's Taiko, a massive drum. It was kept in the city, to be used for many rituals and festivals there. [3]

Asahina Daimyo Edit

Kimita was the Asahina Daimyo. [4]

Preparations of the Winter Court Edit

Kimita was selected by Doji Kurohito as a potential wife for Isawa Sezaru. [5]

Death at Jade Championship Edit

Kimita defeated Isawa Nodotai in the Test of the Jade Champion in 1158 in Kyuden Nio. Kimita used his emotions for his secret love against him. [6] Her brother Sekawa faced and defeated her in the final test. Mere moments after the Test was over, [7] the Onisu of Destruction Hakai and a swarm of bakemono attacked the castle, slaughtering contestants and spectators, including Kimita and her uncle Tamako. [8]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Asahina Tamako
Asahina Daimyo
? - 1158
Succeeded by:
Asahina Sekawa


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