Asahina Kikui 
Asahina Kikui 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165

Asahina Kikui was a shugenja bloodspeaker of the Crane Clan.

Third Rising of Iuchiban Edit

Kikui was once betrothed to Kakita Masazumi, [1] but her heart belonged to Matsu Atasuke. In 1165 Kikui knew that Iuchiban was again back in Rokugan, and called upon his servants to destroy the Empire. She feared the Lion would die fighting against Iuchiban's hordes, so she bargained with the Oracle of Blood for Atasuke's safety. In return, Iuchiban requested she murder Toku, the Monkey Clan Champion, and all his family - wife, sons and daughters.[2]

Death Edit

Kikui travelled to Toku Torid-e, and ambushed Toku's younger son, Koto in the stables. She stabbed him in the belly, but the timely arrival of Naka Tokei, the Grand Master of the Elements, who was at Toku's house by happenstance, saved Koto's life. Kikui knew she could not surrender or escape, and if her identity were revealed, Atasuke would be shattered. She reached for her own scroll pouch, and Tokei spoke a single word killing the intruder, not even leaving ash behind.[3]


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