Please note: This article is about the founder of the Mappers of the Heart. For other uses of the term, please see Iwao (disambiguation).
Asahina Iwao 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Mappers of the Heart Founder

Asahina Iwao was a shugenja of the Crane Clan and founder of the Mappers of the Heart.

Musha Shugyo Edit

Iwao became fascinated by a nemuranai called the Mempo of Pure Thought, and his connection with it made Iwao convinced it was possible for an experienced shugenja to study and map the human mind. Iwao set out on a musha shugyo for thirty years, studying the ways of the human mind. [1]

Return Edit

When Iwao returned the new Asahina Daimyo demanded an explanation and accounting from the old priest. In every court Iwao had observed the Air kami that already swirled around the people, looking for patterns and making inferences. Iwao's daimyo suggested that the old man had wasted his years, but eventually realized that Iwao was in fact sensing his thoughts quite accurately. The Mappers of the Heart were created to preserve his research in Shinden Asahina. [2]

Death Edit

Iwao served as its first sensei for his remaining few years before dying a peaceful death. [3]


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