Asahina Itoeko

Asahina Itoeko

Asahina Itoeko was a shugenja of the Crane Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Itoeko's demeanor was so twisted that Asahina Sekawa did not know if she was mad or a seer. [1] Itoeko gained notoriety among her family due to her gift for divination. She was a timid young woman who had visions during her time at Shiro Hanamidoki. The accuracy of her visions was imperfect so few proclaim her as a true prophet. [2]

Empress' Seal Edit

In 1165 Itoeko cleansed the recovered Empress' Seal and communicated with the Kami that dwelled within it sings. The Kami was pleased for its return to the new Imperial Dynasty. [3]

Jade Championship Edit

In 1169 Itoeko was a contender of the Jade Championship. She showed her personal demeanor when said to Asahina Beniha, another contender, that she was an odd choice for the tournament. Respect the third Crane contender, Asahina Nizomi, Itoeko guessed that if he should win, the power of the position would give him few chances to dwell on his own doubts. Eventually Beniha understood part of Itoeko's thoughts and wished her the greatest of fortune in her matches. [4]

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