Please note: This article is about the monk in the second half of the 12th century. For other uses of the term, please see Hideki (disambiguation).
Asahina Hideki

Asahina Hideki

Asahina Hideki was a monk of the Crane Clan. He was one of several monks in charge of watching over the numerous artistic treasures within Shinden Asahina.

The Jade Champion Edit

When Jade Champion Kuni Daigo decided to march the Jade Legions out into the Shadowlands, he decided to appropriate supplies of jade from the Crab Clan. Hida Kuon, however, persuaded Daigo to raid the Crane Clan instead, as the Crab were currently at war with the Crane. Hida Sozen, backed by Jade Legionnaires, ransacked Shinden Asahina, taking any sculptures or artwork made of jade. Asahina Hideki tried to stop Sozen, but Sozen and his guards easily overpowered Hideki, destroying a priceless sculpture carved by Asahina Kamatari in the process. [1]

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