Asahina Denosei

Asahina Denosei

Asahina Denosei was a diplomat of the Crane Clan.

Station Edit

Within two years after his gempukku, Asahina Denosei was accepted as a shikken candidate and began formal training as an Imperial Peacekeeper. [1]

Brokering Peace Edit

An Imperial Edict was issued to the Lion and the Crane requiring them to negotiate and avoid war. Tankenka, a shikken, traveled to Toshi Ranbo tasked with bringing about peace between the two clans, alongside his friend Denosei. [2]

Negotiations Broken Edit

The main Lion diplomat in Toshi Ranbo, Matsu Agame, was publicly shamed by the revelation of his relationship with Doji Meiko, the daughter of the Crane general posted in that city. To protect her honor, he decided to commit seppuku, with his son Matsu Izedan standing as his second. As Agame began the ritual suicide, his son was struck down by an arrow from the Crane lines, leaving him to an agonizing slow death. [3]

Lion Rushed into Toshi Ranbo Edit

The Lion took that as a provocation and war ignited at the outskirts of Toshi Ranbo. Peace efforts were cancelled and both armies fell upon each other in the Battle of the Forgotten Tide [4] in 1123. [5] Denosei fled when the Lion broken the Crane defence, entering into the fortress. He fled to the city and was wounded, seeking refuge in the Inn of the Brooding Tempest, where his friend Tankenka resided. A group of samurai aided him with his injuries. [6]

Arasou's Ghost Edit

Akodo Arasou's ghost, who had died three years ago in battle against the Crane at Toshi Ranbo, appeared to Tankenka, Denosei and the samurai. Gesturing, he indicated they had to go to his shrine. [7]

Aftermath Edit

The Matsu abandoned the conflict moments later however, after a rumor emerged that they were under the influences of Crane magic. Many samurai involved in the event claimed they woke up following the battle with little recollection of what had happened. [8]

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