Artisan District (Second City)

Artisan District

The Artisan District, adjoining the southwest of the Imperial District in the Second City, [1] was the most beautiful district of the city, with tree-lined boulevards, numerous gardens, and abundant decorations. It housed artisan alongside with places for amusement as theaters. [2] The district also housed the city's Licensed Quarter, [3] denoted with red lanterns while the theaters were lit with yellow or gold. [4]

History Edit

Creation Edit

The district was not part of the city's original plans, as it not served an important function. But within the very first year, the samurai of the city arranged to bring the art and culture of Rokugan into the city, so artisans and entertainers became new residents in the open space between the Peasant and Merchant Districts. [5]

Dark Naga Assault Edit

In 1199 Dark Naga forces assaulted the city, and the Sleepless One led the serpents against the Artisan District. [6]

Notable Locations Edit

Artisan District (Second City) 2

Artisan District

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