The Art of the Sword was one of the minor martial arts, a defensive brand of jiujutsu to be utilized with the katana in hand. It was devised in the 6th century by a monk, former Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toru. The fighting style granted bushi a chance to defend themselves with their free hand or the hilt of a blade while pressed into close quarters. [1]

Style Edit

While the art relied on having a katana in hand, did not utilize the weapon for attack. It had to be used by a student also skilled in kenjutsu, and taught unarmed attacks and parries intended to gain advantage in close range, or to allow a swordsman to free himself when pressed. It could be used in meditation, through the complex kata performed the practitioner could gain great focus and clarity. [1]

Training Edit

The art had only a few definable maneuvers which required a great deal of repetition, concentration and discipline to be performed without thought. [2]

  • The novice student learned how to combine unarmed attacks and sword strikes fluidly into a single form.
  • The expert continued to combine kenjutsu and jiujutsu, allowing fierce unarmed strikes to be directed against unprepared opponents.
  • The master was an expert of using unarmed techniques to slip out of harm's way, allowing him to slaughter enemies with the katana.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit


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