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Arrows, called Ya in Rokugani, [1] came in a variety of shapes and uses in Rokugan, to be used with various bows.

Crafting Edit

Arrows were made from bamboo and were usually fletched with feathers from a hawk or eagle. Male arrows spinned clockwise when released, while arrows deemed female spinned counterclockwise. Archers usually alternated their shots between male arrows and female arrows, so two arrows would not collide with each other when striking the target. [2]

Types Edit

Willow Leaf Edit

Willow Leaf

Willow Leaf

The willow leaf, or yanagi-ba arrow was a standard type arrow. The broad arrow head was used for hunting and warfare alike.

Armor Piercer Edit

Armor Piercer

Armor Piercer

The armor piercer arrow head ended in a small pike, and was designed to punch through armor. While more likely to penetrate the armor it would cause less damage to the target than the willow leaf.

Flesh Cutter Edit

Flesh Cutter

Flesh Cutter

The flesh cutter, or Watakusi, had an especially broad and even sometimes barbed head which would tear through unarmored flesh. It was almost completely ineffective against armored targets however.

Rope Cutter Edit

Rope Cutter

Rope Cutter

The rope cutter, or Karimata, wide crescent shaped head of the rope cutter was ideal for ropes, banner strings, etc.

Humming Bulb Edit

Humming Bulb

Humming Bulb

The Whistling Bulb Arrow had a unique hollow-tipped shape of the arrow head of the humming bulb produced a whistling noise when travelling through air. Very good for signaling or causing distractions.

See also Edit


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