The Army of the Alliance was a military unit based in Koeru Mura. It was the martial arm of the Alliance of Minor Clans. [1]

Creation Edit

The Army was founded when the assorted Minor Clan's realized the need for military might. The Alliance members realized that they could not field a large army on a permanent basis due to the logistics of transportation and supply. It was eventually devised that Koeru Mura, already important to the Minor Clan's because of its rice production, would be the Alliance's military headquarters. [1]

Initially, the clans sent their select best warriors and sensei after a while more were sent to Koeru Mura, first by dozens, then hundreds and eventually thousands. Soon, Koeru Mura became a place where all Minor Clan forces trained to operate smoothly with their brethren in combat. [1]

Organization Edit

At first, all soldiers were sent home once their training with the army was complete. Eventually some were sent back and some were kept in Koeru Mura to form a permanent force. The goal of the army is to become a full forty-eight legion army, and it has now raised thirty-one legions. Legions are created according to clan affiliation to facilitate their movements. There are a few mixed-clan legions, and one legion is comprised of Tsuruchi archers in honor of the Tsuruchi's alliance with the Minor Clans. [1]

Ox Clan Daimyo Morito was the most decorated military officer in all the Minor Clans and as such was appointed supreme military commander of the Alliance forces. Morito himself made only three visits to Koeru Mura to inspect the army, but he took care to keep up with army affairs. Other Legion commanders were appointed by the Alliance council but Morito had the power of veto over any nominee. [1] Since Morito's death, it has not been announced who will succeed him.

Legions Edit

The following was a list of the makeup of the different legions within the Army of the Alliance:

  • First Legion: Legion of Koeru Mura. Elite unit assigned to defend Koeru Mura and originally led by Morito.
  • Third Legion: Contains the Badger Heavy Elite Infantry.
  • Seventh through Ninth Legions: Ox Chargers.
  • Twelfth through Thirteenth Legions: Hare Skirmishers.
  • Twenty-Seventh Legion: Scouts led by Kazumasa.
  • Thirty-Second Legion Tsuruchi Archers.

Known Members Edit


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