Armor of the Golden Samurai 
Armor of the Golden Samurai
Created by: Kukinjin
First used by: Matsu Toriko
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Armor of the Golden Samurai was one of the Five Legendary Armor created by the Master Smith Kukinjin. It was thought lost until it re-appeared during the Clan War. [1] It had the ability to cause a glint, as if from the sun, which caused the death of Osani. [2]

Creation Edit

The armor was created by Kukinjin, a ronin smith who lived in the second century. Kukinjin had declared that he would retire, and politely declined many requests for his final work. Shiba Harui approached the ronin in person, and killed him when Kukinjin refused to part with his last work; the golden armor. Matsu Toriko witnessed the act, and confronted Harui. Harui drew his sword against Toriko, but she struck him down. Harui's daimyo, Shiba Morihime, had been the intended recipient of the armor, but no longer wanted it. Instead, she declared the armor now belonged to Toriko. [3]

Awakened Edit

Toriko wore the armor proudly in battle for many years, and by the end of her life the combination of Kukinjin's spirit and her dedication to Bushido awakened it into a nemuranai. When Toriko finally fell in battle, the armor passed to her daughter and thus became an heirloom of the Lion Clan. [3]

Powers Edit

The armor radiated a blinding aura that produced fear to all enemies nearby. The armor's magical power did not always manifest reliably, and for some samurai it would not work at all. At the end of the Clan War, the armor was used by Matsu Ketsui, and she was able to fully awaken its power once more. [4]

Known Wielders Edit


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