Armor of the Five
Yoma Sensei
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Voice of the Elemental Masters

The Armor of the Five was crafted for use by the Voice of the Elemental Masters. The finest smith available at the time worked in conjuction with the students of the Elemental Masters to create it. [1]

Appearance Edit

The armor was a dark-hued shade of red, gold and black. The armor was instantly recognizable by all who lived in Phoenix Clan lands. It was worn almost at all times by the Voice, as it was a symbol of their station. [1] Even daimyo of other families throughout the empire were familiar with the position and armor, and it was less likely to be considered an insult if worn in their presence. [2]

Blessings Edit

The armor received five blessings, one from each of the Elemental Masters. The Master of Water blessed it so it could change form to more effectively fit it's wearer. The Master of Air made sure the armor was light and comfortable. The Master of Fire shielded it's wearer from effects of cold and supernatural heat, while the Master of Earth boosted it's protection beyond what it appeared to be capable of. Finally, the Master of Void imbued the armor with a connection to the Council of Five's chamber in Kyuden Isawa. [1]


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