Armor of Sun Tao 
Armor of Sun Tao
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Sun Tao
Currently in the possession of: The Great Study

The Armor of Sun Tao was a Heavy Armor created in Kaiu's Forge, and it had a blue silken trim and golden ornamentation. The famous ronin general Sun Tao only wore the armor for five years but it was believed to carry his spirit. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The armor was fashioned from bronze and thick leather, complete with arm protectors, hauberk, leggings, and kabuto. Blue silken trimmings decorated the upper part as well as the plates that formed the shoulder pads and hauberk. It was said Sun Tao himself wore a thick belt of fine blue silk to complement the garment. [2] The wielder received the blessings of the ronin tactician, affecting any battle in which he was involved in a more favorable way. [1]

Lost and Recovered Edit

Before Sun Tao departed to the Burning Sands he left the armor with his loyal follower Terumuto, who was killed by bandits. [3] The Sparrow Clan found Terumoto's corpse and retrieved the Armor, which stood on display in Suzume Shiro. It was last held by a ronin diplomat who received it from the Sparrow before he returned to Nanashi Mura. [1] It was eventually storaged in the Great Study beneath Shiro Mirumoto. [4]

External Links Edit

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