Aramasu's Vigilance

Aramasu's Vigilance

Aramasu's Vigilance was built in the Ivory Kingdoms to ensure that the Mantis endeavours there were not threatened. [1]

Name Edit

A Mantis cartographer, Moshi Higoro, drew the first rokugani maps of the area and decided which names would be written. [2] It was built to monitor the passage of any dangerous creatures from the Sea of Shadows into the waters along the Ivory Coast, and to keep an eye out for any foreign naval threats. [3]

Appearance Edit

The entrance had submerged razor sharp reefs which could destroy any ship without a helsman who knowledge how to pass between them. A tall rock wall that seemed naturally occurring, concealed the interior of an atoll. Just inside the rock wall was a massive body of water, likely connected to the greater sea. [4]

Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War Edit

The Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Aramasu found the place during the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War. He was the perfect place for a shipyard and his shugenja created the rock wall to conceal it, and somehow he used magic to make an arrangement with the shojo. Aramasu left behind a group of Mantis to tend the shipyard. These men aided by the locals made a new type of ship, the Atakebune, and after several years dozen of it formed there the Fourth Storm. [5]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 the Second Storm commanded by Moshi Kalani were guided by Anshu, Aramasu's son, there. The Mantis decided to built a permanent base to expand their influence in the area. [4]

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