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Aqil al-Basiri

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Aqil al-Basiri 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 9th century 
Titles: Merchant King of House Basiri

Aqil al-Basiri was the Merchant King of House Basiri in the 9th century. One of his aide was Hadi Talibah, a resorceful men who provided much benefit for the house. When he died, his belongings were inherited by Aqil, as determined by law. Between them was included Hadi's daughter, [1] Hanan Talibah, born from a slave courtesan, and therefore a slave herself. Aqil had sold the courtesan to Hadi, and treated Hanan as a good, and decided to sell her as wife as he did with her mother. [2] After three years the girl killed Aqil stabbing him twelve times in the chest. [3]


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