Apes, or Ozaru, were large manlike animals, covered in fur, with high intelligence, [1] the largest primates in Rokugan, with the males standing as much as six feet tall with an arm spread of eight feet and weight of four hundred pounds. Females were average just about half the size of the males. They lived in troops of ten to twenty foraging during the day in densely vegetated hillsides, and were dominated by one male. If the group was confronted, the dominant male would beat his chest and hoot in an attempt to scare off the enemy. If that failed, the leader and other males in the group would not hesitate to protect the troop. Apes were most commonly found in the lands of the Mantis Clan, although they also infrequently appeared in the southern coast areas in mountains. [2] They were also seen in the jungles of the Ivory Kingdoms. [3]

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