Aotora family
Patron family: Bayushi family
Clan: Scorpion Clan
Founded: 1132
Daimyo: Unknown

The Aotora family were vassals to the Bayushi. The family was founded in 1132 when the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Yojiro recognized Aotora's loyalty and efforts, after the Scorpion Clan returned from their exile in the Burning Sands. [1]

Founding Edit

Working during Scorpion's exile Edit

Aotora was a peasant herbalist in service to Bayushi Shoju at Kyuden Bayushi. Few before the Scorpion Clan Coup, the Scorpion Clan Champion commissioned to Aotora to document the effects and antidotes on plant poisons. He secretly continued his research for years and yeas, waiting for his masters' return. [2]

Vassal family Edit

When the Scorpion returned, Aotora find the moment to approach Bayushi Yojiro, the new Scorpion daimyo, showed him the results of his work: a full room of hand-written scrolls cataloging decades of meticulous botanical research. Aotora had continued his efforts throughout the troubles without reward or acknowledgment, and lost almost all his family due to an accidental exposure to potent poisons. Only two of his children survived with him. The current Champion Bayushi Yojiro, impressed by the peasant's effort and loyalty, granted his family the status of Bayushi vassals, the Aotora family, and commissioned Aotora and his children to continue this research in perpetuity in the Garden of the Green Tiger. [1]

Duties Edit

After Aotora's death in 1149, the Aotora family remained a very small group of people, composed only by Aotora's two surviving children and their families. They faithfully continued Aotora's research, steadily amassing knowledge of the effects of botanical poisons and medicines. [2]

Aotora daimyoEdit

Aotora 1132 - 1149
Bayushi Aotora 1149 - ?

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