Pale Oak Castle

Aojiroi Oku Shiro

Pale Oak Castle (P8) was located on the Pale Oak Plain, in the Aoijiroi province of the Phoenix Clan, [1] west of the Isawa Woodlands. [2]

Origin Edit

Aojiroi Oku Shiro

Pale Oak Castle (P8)

The castle was built when Hantei XVII broke tradition and asked on his deathbed to be buried on the plains where his wife had been born. From his ashes a great white oak tree grew, and the castle was built around it to protect it. Many believe the bark of the tree had healing powers. [3]

Great White Oak Edit

The gigantic oak exuded an aura of mystery and majesty, seeming somehow more real than its surroundings, as it truly bore the blessings of the Hantei's spirit. The bark could be distilled into a powerful healing broth by anyone with any skill with herbs. [4]

Shrine Edit

A large shrine devoted to Hujokuko, the Fortune of Fertility, laid just outside of the walls of the Castle, established not long after the rumors of the pale oak's medicinal properties began to circulate. [5]

Hosting Social Events Edit

Winter Courts Edit

As the Isawa were extremely reluctant to host major social events Pale Oak Castle was designed to be the perfect court environment. [6] It had since been the location for many imperial winter courts, imperial marriages and official treaty signings. [7]

Tournament of the Samurai Edit

Pale Oak Castle was the host of the Tournament of the Samurai during Asako Shizu's time as daimyo of the castle. The tournament was an artistic endevour designed to ease border tensions between the Phoenix and the Dragon Clan. Tensions rose when Shizu was murdered during the tournament. [8]

Administration Edit

Traditionally the governor of Pale Oak Castle was the Master of Air. During the Master of Air's absences due to more important commitments with the Council of Five, the duty of administration would fall to the Captain of the Guard. [9]

Isawa Nakamuro Edit

Shiba Majushi was the Captain during the later parts of Isawa Nakamuro's tenure as Master. [9] It was unknown if Majushi continued to hold this position following Nakamuro's death in 1171.

The War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 during the War of Dark Fire, the Army of Fire briefly laid siege to and attempted to sack the castle. Isawa Fosuta appeared unexpectedly right before the Yobanjin invaders could desecrate the white oak tree and summoned Sentei no Oni to eject the Yobanjin from his former home in the Siege of White Oak Castle. [10]

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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Legend of the Five Rings; Fourth Edition page 372 claims Pale Oak Castle as part of this Asako province, but Secrets of the Phoenix page 46 claims Aojiroi Oku Shiro as an Isawa family holding, and part of the Aoijiroi province. Oni no Pikachu (talk) 09:53, January 6, 2014 (UTC)


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