Anvil of Despair was the third expansion of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game and displayed the return of corrupted Yogo Junzo leading a vast army of Shadowlands forces, and a ragtag band of samurai put together by the then-ronin, Toturi. This set introduced Ancestors, cards that represented the souls of Yomi, and also introduced starter decks for the Yogo Junzo's Army and Toturi's Army.

Preceded by:
Battle of Beiden Pass
Succeeded by:
Crimson and Jade

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Moment of Truth Action Rare
A Moment of Truth (AoD)-card
- Arrival of the Emerald Champion Action Rare
Arrival of the Emerald Champion-card
- At the Last Moment Action Common
At the Last Moment-card
- Battlefield of Shallow Graves Action Common
Battlefield of Shallow Graves-card
- Blood Oath Action Common
Blood Oath-card
- Cornered Action Common
- Corrupted Energies Action Uncommon
Corrupted Energies-card
- Cremation Action Uncommon
- Daisho Technique Action Common
Daisho Technique-card
- Disarmament Action Common
- Disfavored Action Rare
- Disarmament Action Common
- Disrupted Resources Action Rare
Disrupted Resources-card
- Duty to the Clan Action Uncommon
Duty to the Clan-card
- Emperor's Protection Action Uncommon
Emperor's Protection-card
- Fight to the Setting Sun Action Common
Fight to the Setting Sun-card
- Imperial Taxation Action Uncommon
Imperial Taxation-card
- Kolat Instigator Action Rare
Kolat Instigator-card
- Kolat Interference Action Uncommon
Kolat Interference-card
- Lies, Lies, Lies... Action Uncommon
Lies, Lies, Lies...-card
- Night Battle Action Common
Night Battle-card
Night Battle-card2
- Peasant Defense Action Common
Peasant Defense-card
- Political Dissent Action Rare
Political Dissent-card
- Refugees Action Common
- Rise, Brother Action Uncommon
Rise, Brother-card
- Shallow Victory Action Rare
Shallow Victory-card
- Slander Action Uncommon
- Stall Until Sunrise Action Common
Stall Until Sunrise-card
- Strategic Victory Action Uncommon
Strategic Victory-card
- The Blood Feud Action Rare
The Blood Feud-card
- The Face of Fear Action Common
The Face of Fear-card
- The Perfect Gift Action Rare
The Perfect Gift-card
- The Way of Air Action Uncommon
The Way of Air-card
- The Way of Earth Action Uncommon
The Way of Earth-card
- The Way of Fire Action Uncommon
The Way of Fire-card
- The Way of Water Action Uncommon
The Way of Water-card
- To Avenge Our Ancestors Action Rare
To Avenge Our Ancestors-card
- To Do What We Must Action Uncommon
To Do What We Must-card
- To the Last Man Action Rare
To the Last Man-card
- Tortuous Terrain Action Common
Tortuous Terrain-card
- Treacherous Terrain Action Common
Treacherous Terrain-card
- Shiryo no Akodo Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Akodo-card
- Shiryo no Bayushi Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Bayushi-card
- Shiryo no Hiruma Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Hiruma-card
- Shiryo no Isawa Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Isawa-card
- Shiryo no Kakita Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Kakita-card
- Shiryo no Shinjo Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Shinjo-card
- Shiryo no Togashi Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Togashi-card
- As the Shadow Falls Event Uncommon
As the Shadow Falls-card
- Corruption of the Harmonies Event Uncommon
Corruption of the Harmonies-card
- Duty to the Empire Event Rare
Duty to the Empire-card
- Fu Leng's Horde Event Rare
Fu Leng's Horde-card
- Hototogitsu Event Rare
- Kisada's Blockade Event Rare
Kisada's Blockade-card
- Monsoon Event Uncommon
- Retirement Event Uncommon
- The Celestial Pattern Event Uncommon
The Celestial Pattern-card
- The Darkest Day Event Uncommon
The Darkest Day-card
- The Return of Fu Leng Event Rare
The Return of Fu Leng-card
- The Tao of the Naga Event Rare
The Tao of the Naga-card
- There is No Hope Event Rare
There is No Hope-card
- Elemental Vortex Follower Uncommon
Elemental Vortex-card
- Imperial Honor Guard Follower Uncommon
Imperial Honor Guard-card
- Minor Shugenja Follower Common
Minor Shugenja-card
- Naga Guard Follower Common
Naga Guard-card
- Traveling Poet Follower Common
Traveling Poet-card
- A Hidden Fortress Holding Uncommon
A Hidden Fortress-card
- Ancestral Shrines of Otosan Uchi Follower Common
Ancestral Shrines of Otosan Uchi-card
- A Hidden Fortress Holding Uncommon
A Hidden Fortress-card
- Basecamp Holding Common
- Corrupted Silver Mine Holding Common
Corrupted Silver Mine-card
- Garden of Purification Holding Common
Garden of Purification-card
- Pitch and Fire Holding Common
Pitch and Fire-card
- The Bronze Gong of the Hantei Holding Rare
The Bronze Gong of the Hantei-card
- Tomb of Iuchiban Holding Rare
Tomb of Iuchiban-card
Tomb of Iuchiban-card2
- Trading Grounds Holding Common
Trading Grounds-card
- Watchtower Holding Common
- Bo Stick Item Common
Bo Stick-card
- Candle of the Void Item Uncommon
Candle of the Void-card
- Drum of Water Item Uncommon
Drum of Water-card
- Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess Item Rare
Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess-card
- Hammer of Earth Item Uncommon
Hammer of Earth-card
- Mantle of Fire Item Uncommon
Mantle of Fire-card
- Plague Skulls Item Rare
Plague Skulls-card
- Tapestry of Air Item Uncommon
Tapestry of Air-card
- Tessen Item Common
- Hida Unari Personality Common
Hida Unari-card
- Hida Yakamo (Oni) Experienced Personality Rare
Hida Yakamo (Oni) Exp-card
- Kaiu Utsu Personality Uncommon
Kaiu Utsu-card
- Daidoji Sembi Personality Common
Daidoji Sembi-card
- Daidoji Uji Experienced Personality Rare
Daidoji Uji Exp-card
Daidoji Uji Exp-card2
- Kakita Shijin Personality Uncommon
Kakita Shijin-card
- Agasha Koishi Personality Common
Agasha Koishi-card
- Togashi Yama Personality Uncommon
Togashi Yama-card
- Togashi Yokuni Experienced Personality Common
Togashi Yokuni Exp-card
- Akodo Kage Experienced Personality Rare
Akodo Kage Exp-card
- Ikoma Kimura Personality Common
Ikoma Kimura-card
- Matsu Seijuro Personality Uncommon
Matsu Seijuro-card
- Isawa Osugi Personality Uncommon
Isawa Osugi-card
- Isawa Tsuke Experienced Personality Rare
Isawa Tsuke Exp-card
- Oni no Tadaka Personality Common
Oni no Tadaka-card
- Bayushi Kachiko Experienced Personality Rare
Bayushi Kachiko Exp-card
Bayushi Kachiko Exp-card2
- Bayushi Tangen Personality Common
Bayushi Tangen-card
- Yogo Ichiba Personality Uncommon
Yogo Ichiba-card
- Otaku Baiken Personality Common
Otaku Baiken-card
- Shinjo Morito Personality Rare
Shinjo Morito-card
- Shinjo Yasoma Personality Uncommon
Shinjo Yasoma-card
- Hirariko Personality Uncommon
- Hoseki Personality Uncommon
- Ichiin Personality Common
- Kamoto Personality Rare
- Kasuga Kyoji Personality Uncommon
Kasuga Kyoji-card
- Kusatte Iru Personality Rare
Kusatte Iru-card
- Kyojin Personality Uncommon
- Mikaru Personality Common
- Mikio Personality Uncommon
- Qakar Personality Uncommon
- Radakast Personality Common
- Shashakar Personality Rare
- Ratling Conjuror Personality Common
Ratling Conjuror-card
- Suzume Mukashino Personality Uncommon
Suzume Mukashino-card
- Takuan Personality Rare
- Togashi Kokujin Personality Rare
Togashi Kokujin-card
- Toturi Exp Personality Rare
Toturi Exp-card
- Tsukuro Personality Rare
- Yodin Personality Rare
- Fields of the Asahina Temple Region Common
Fields of the Asahina Temple-card
- Forests of Shinomen Region Common
Forests of Shinomen-card
- Fortified Coast Region Uncommon
Fortified Coast-card
- Inaccessible Region Region Uncommon
Inaccessible Region-card
- Kaiu Pass Region Uncommon
Kaiu Pass-card
- Mountain of the Seven Thunders Region Rare
Mountain of the Seven Thunders-card
Mountain of the Seven Thunders-card2
- Plague-Infested Region Region Uncommon
Plague-Infested Region-card
- River Region Region Common
River Region-card
- Scorched Earth Region Common
Scorched Earth-card
- Training Grounds Region Common
Training Grounds-card
- Valley of Shadow Region Rare
Valley of Shadow-card
- Wetlands Region Common
- A Prophecy Fulfilled Spell Rare
A Prophecy Fulfilled-card
- A Thunder's Sacrifice Spell Rare
A Thunder's Sacrifice-card
- Benevolent Protection of Shinsei Spell Common
Benevolent Protection of Shinsei-card
- Defender From Beyond Spell Uncommon
Defender From Beyond-card
- Doom of Fu Leng Spell Rare
Doom of Fu Leng-card
- Essence of Fire Spell Common
Essence of Fire-card
- Essence of the Void Spell Common
Essence of the Void-card
- Essence of Water Spell Common
Essence of Water-card
- Possession Spell Rare
- Prophecy of the Hero Spell Rare
Prophecy of the Hero-card
- Spiritual Presence Spell Common
Spiritual Presence-card
- Stealing the Soul Spell Uncommon
Stealing the Soul-card
- Stifling Wind Spell Common
Stifling Wind-card
- Summon Nightstalker Spell Uncommon
Summon Nightstalker-card
- Yogo Junzo's Army Stronghold Fixed
Yogo Junzo's Army-card
- Toturi's Army Stronghold Fixed
Toturi's Army-card

Reprinted Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Block Supply Lines Action Fixed
Block Supply Lines-card34
- Break Morale Action Fixed
Break Morale-card4
- Brilliant Victory Action Fixed
Brilliant Victory-card10
- Careful Planning Action Fixed
Careful Planning-card20
- Charge Action Fixed
- Contentious Terrain Action Fixed
Contentious Terrain-card14
- Deadly Ground Action Fixed
Deadly Ground-card15
- Dispersive Terrain Action Fixed
Dispersive Terrain-card9
- Encircled Terrain Action Fixed
Encircled Terrain-card18
- Entrapping Terrain Action Fixed
Entrapping Terrain-card16
- Honorable Seppuku Action Fixed
Honorable Seppuku-card7
- Iaijutsu Challenge Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Challenge-card15
- Iaijutsu Duel Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Duel-card18
- Intersecting Highways Action Fixed
Intersecting Highways-card5
- Meditation Action Fixed
- Oath of Fealty Action Fixed
Oath of Fealty-card11
- Occupied Terrain Action Fixed
Occupied Terrain-card5
- Outflank Action Fixed
- Rally Troops Action Fixed
Rally Troops-card5
- Rallying Cry Action Fixed
Rallying Cry-card14
- Remorseful Seppuku Action Fixed
Remorseful Seppuku-card9
- Superior Tactics Action Fixed
No Image
- Traversable Terrain Action Fixed
Traversable Terrain-card7
- Dealing With Shadows Event Fixed
Dealing With Shadows-card3
- The Falling Darkness Event Fixed
The Falling Darkness-card2
- Archers Follower Fixed
- Goblin Chuckers Follower Fixed
Goblin Chuckers-card10
- Goblin Mob Follower Fixed
Goblin Mob-card8
- Heavy Cavalry Follower Fixed
No Image
- Heavy Infantry Follower Fixed
No Image
- Lesser Mujina Follower Fixed
Lesser Mujina-card5
- Light Cavalry Follower Fixed
Light Cavalry-card10
- Light Infantry Follower Fixed
Light Infantry-card26
- Medium Cavalry Follower Fixed
Medium Cavalry-card14
- Medium Infantry Follower Fixed
Medium Infantry-card29
- Naga Bushi Follower Fixed
Naga Bushi-card8
- Ratling Pack Follower Fixed
Ratling Pack-card9
- Scout Follower Fixed
- Skeletal Troops Follower Fixed
Skeletal Troops-card13
- Spearmen Follower Fixed
- Black Market Holding Fixed
Black Market-card5
- Bushi Dojo Holding Fixed
Bushi Dojo-card11
- Copper Mine Holding Fixed
Copper Mine-card29
- Corrupted Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Corrupted Iron Mine-card5
- Famous Poet Holding Fixed
Famous Poet-card6
- Forest Holding Fixed
- Geisha House Holding Fixed
Geisha House-card19
- Go Master Holding Fixed
No Image
- Gold Mine Holding Fixed
Gold Mine-card25
- Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Iron Mine-card20
- Jade Works Holding Fixed
Jade Works-card29
- Merchant Caravan Holding Fixed
Merchant Caravan-card4
- Retired General Holding Fixed
Retired General-card10
- Sacrificial Altar Holding Fixed
Sacrificial Altar-card5
- Sanctified Temple Holding Fixed
Sanctified Temple-card24
- Silver Mine Holding Fixed
Silver Mine-card20
- Small Farm Holding Fixed
Small Farm-card34
- Stables Holding Fixed
- Bloodsword Item Fixed
- Crystal Katana Item Fixed
Crystal Katana-card9
- Jade Bow Item Fixed
Jade Bow-card10
- Naginata Item Fixed
- Shuriken of Serpents Item Fixed
Shuriken of Serpents-card8
- Mirumoto Daini Personality Fixed
Mirumoto Daini-card6
- Mirumoto Hitomi Personality Fixed
Mirumoto Hitomi-card6
- Togashi Mitsu Personality Fixed
Togashi Mitsu-card8
- Akiyoshi Personality Fixed
- Fusaki Personality Fixed
- Ginawa Personality Fixed
- Goblin Shaman Personality Fixed
Goblin Shaman-card2
- Goblin Warmonger Personality Fixed
Goblin Warmonger-card8
- Isha Personality Fixed
- Kumo Personality Fixed
- Kyoso no Oni Personality Fixed
Kyoso no Oni-card12
- Morito Tokei Personality Fixed
Morito Tokei-card7
- Moto Tsume Personality Fixed
Moto Tsume-card6
- Mountain Goblin Personality Fixed
Mountain Goblin-card3
- Ogre Bushi Personality Fixed
Ogre Bushi-card13
- Oni no Seiryoku Personality Fixed
Oni no Seiryoku-card2
- Oni no Shikibu Personality Fixed
Oni no Shikibu-card4
- Oni no Tsuburu Personality Fixed
Oni no Tsuburu-card4
- Pennaggolan Personality Fixed
- Toku Personality Fixed
- Toturi Personality Fixed
- Tsuruchi Personality Fixed
- Yogo Junzo Personality Fixed
Yogo Junzo-card5
- Biting Steel Spell Fixed
Biting Steel-card11
- Call Upon The Wind Spell Fixed
Call Upon The Wind-card5
- Castle of Water Spell Fixed
Castle of Water-card8
- Energy Transference Spell Fixed
Energy Transference-card7
- Look Into The Void Spell Common
Look Into The Void-card5
- Summon Faeries Spell Fixed
Summon Faeries-card5
- The Fury of Osano-Wo Spell Fixed
The Fury of Osano-Wo-card8
- Wind Born Speed Spell Fixed
Wind Born Speed-card6
- Wings of Fire Spell Fixed
Wings of Fire-card5