Born: Unknown 
Parents: Yoritomo Aramasu,
Unnamed Ivory Kingdoms woman

Anshu was a half-Mantis of the Ivory Kingdoms born from the relation between the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Aramasu and a gaijin woman during the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War. [1]

Father Edit

After the secret war ended, Aramasu returned to his homeland. He did not talk to his kin about Anshu. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Anshu was fast, stealthy, and clearly knew his way around. [1]

Legacy Edit

Aramasu had built the Fourth Storm and hidden it in the place later known as Aramasu's Vigilance. He told Anshu that when the Mantis would arrive again in the area he had to show them the ships. Around 1167 Anshu got Yoritomo's Kama, the ancestral kama of the Mantis, lost to the sea in the Battle of Broken Waves. [1]

Mantis arrival Edit

In the month of the Monkey of 1172 [2] a Mantis fleet, the Second Storm, arrived to the Kingdoms shore. Anshu lurked the newcomers, and returned to his village. When he realized he was being followed met the group formed by Moshi Kalani, Tsuruchi Gidayu, and Komori. He guided the Mantis to his village and the Fourth Storm. [1]

Ruined Kingdoms Edit

Several years after the Ivory Kingdoms were destroyed, Anshu visited the ruins of the Ivory Palace, who found the Maharaja's Vault. Inside it was a gift his father gave the Maharaja to symbolize their alliance. Ten years later he was able to overcome the wards with the aid of Kamalakar, son of the last Maharaja. Despite it, the treasures within the chamber remained untouched for a decade, as the wards that protected them were quite powerful, ensuring that any of Kingdomite blood would draw the wrath of the spirits of all past Maharaja. In 1199 appeared Mirumoto Kojinrue, who only seized a books of lore there. [3]

A Cloth Bundle Edit

In their return to Kalani's Landing, they were chased by the spirits of the Maharajas, hungry for revenge for those who broke the seal of their treasures. The city's senior magistrate, Yoritomo Kanahashi, ordered to tend Kojinrue, who was grievously wounded and unconscious. The aid of a Toritaka was requested, to appease the army of dead. In case he perished in the defence of Kojinrue against the spirits, Anshu gave a cloth bundle to Kanahashi. She had to send it to the current Mantis Champion, Yoritomo Hiromi. [4]

“It was my father's. It will change everything.” -Anshu [4]


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