The Anshin sect was a defunct sect of Shinseism whose members embraced a False Path.

Creation Edit

The sect was one of the oldest sects of Shinseism, formed shortly after the Tao was publicly distributed. They believed enlightenment could be found by separation from the troubles of the physical world, so they separated themselves from politics and in-fighting, accepting the ideas of all other sects as equal. [1]

Gozoku Edit

In 428 during the first Gozoku the Emperor Hantei Kusada requested the Brotherhood of Shinsei to became the Agents of the Hantei, [2] spying on the gozoku consortium. The Anshin's leader, Bunrakuken, agreed to assist the Hantei, putting aside their beliefs. Seven months later, four Anshin monks were apprehended while spying on the Crane Clan Champion and executed. Bunrakuken felt betrayed when the Emperor did nothing to save them. The Anshin retreated deep into the Seikitsu Mountains. [1]

Destruction Edit

The monks found an ancient temple within a cave, which had been devoted to Onnotangu. Bunrakuken threw away the teachings of the Tao, embracing the path of the Lord Moon. Those Anshin who did not wish to follow him were assassinated. In that moment, the Anshin monks were no more. [3]


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