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Anshin province (Phoenix)

Anshin province (Ag1)

The Anshin province (Ag1) was a Phoenix province of the Agasha, that contained Honored Treaty City, its plains, [1] and the third oldest temple to the Seven Fortunes, the Temple of the Fourteen Hands. [2] It was the most prosperous of the Agasha provinces, being dominated by a fertile plain, and its villages produced the majority of the Agasha food supply. [3]

Borders Edit

The province was bordered by the Enjaku province (Sh1) to the East, by the Nanimo province (Sh3) to the North, the Mihari province (Ag2) to the West, and the Imperial City of Toshi Ranbo to the west, just in the border of the provinces of the Lion Clan. [1]


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