Anou family
Patron family: Miya family
Clan: Imperial Families
Founded: 4th century
Daimyo: Kaiu Anou

The Anou family was originally a vassal family of the Kaiu, but was then commanded by Imperial edict to become a vassals of the Miya family. [1]

History Edit

Kaiu Anou was the family founder in the 4th century. [2] His descendants were so skilled in building that the Emperor requested them to construct a new temple within the boundaries of Otosan Uchi. The Emperor was so pleased with their exceptional work that he ordained that the Anou be adopted into the Miya family, to apply their expertise and talent in the Emperor's Blessing. [3]

Lands Edit

The Anou lands served as the “industrial region” of the Miya, home to what few logging villages they had, as well as their only stone quarries. There was a single marble quarry which produced a unique pink shade of marble. The Anou also oversaw the five Disaster Villages, used to train Miya in assorted construction and rebuilding techniques. [4]

Defensive Wall Edit

The first job was a wall which was built surrounding the Miya lands, the Anou Wall, followed by the fortification of Kyuden Miya itself. [5]

Anou DaimyoEdit

Kaiu Anou  ? - 337


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