Anekkusai's Feathers 
Anekkusai's Feathers
Created by: Iuchi family
First used by: Ide Diplomat
Currently in the possession of: Crane Clan

The Anekkusai's Feathers were fetishes crafted with the Meishodo gaijin magic and the native spellcraft of Rokugan. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The feathers had been hand-carved, made from thin planks of wood and inlaid with pearl and gold. The feather could be fired from an bow by whispering a single word, and moments later, the feather reappeared in the hand of the archer or his quiver. A creature struck by the arrow was dazed. [1] Large caches of the Feathers were kept at Shiro Daidoji and Mountain's Shadow Dojo. [2]

Gift Edit

The feathers were crafted by the Iuchi family to repay the favor the Unicorn had received from the Crane Clan, which had gifted the Dai-Kyu of Anekkusai one generation before. An Ide Diplomat showed the Crane Clan Champion their abilities. [1]

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