Ancestral Weapons of the Mantis 
Ancestral Weapons of the Mantis
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Yohihotsu
Currently in the possession of: Resting at Kaimetsu-uo Seido

The Ancestral Weapons of the Mantis were a pair of blades. One was a strange curved sword with a serrated edge that was reminiscent of a praying mantis' claw. The other was a similarly curved shorter blade. [1]

Sixth century Edit

In 511 the Mantis Clan Champion Yohihotsu ordered the blades forged in order to help the Mantis defend themselves in trade and battle. The curved design was intended to intimidate duelists, because they would not know how to fight against those weapons, giving the Mantis advantage in negotiations. [2]

Forewarning Edit

The weapons had been laid to rest in the temple of Kaimetsu-uo Seido since 1133, when Moshi Wakiza prophesied upon her deathbed that the weapons would doom the Mantis unless they could be wielded by a "prodigy of sword and spirit". [2]

Abilities Edit

The sword, Sakusen and the shorter blade, Shoubai, were balanced much like a katana and wakizashi, but they were oddly curved compared to typical Rokugani blades. The abilities of their wielders were enhanced, in the use of Kenjutsu and trade respectively. [2]

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