Ancestral War Banner of the Hida
Ancestral War Banner of the Hida
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Hida
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Ancestral War Banner of the Hida was the orginal J'uma Jirushi that Hida marched into battle with against Fu Leng a thousand years ago. The enormus battle standard weathered the ages well, and a small family of Hida artisans were dedicated to its maintenance and approached their duties with unwavering dedication to the Crab.

When the Crab Clan Champion would march into battle, the Ancestral War Banner of the Hida would accompany him. The banner was so large it had to be carried by two soldiers or flown from an immobile structure. Whenever the Crab Champion was on the Kaiu Wall, the banner was flown from the nearest watchtower. Even the most mindless beasts of the Shadowlands would appear to recognize the standard, So the fighting was always the thickest wherever it was present. [1]

"There is no honor in defeat.

There is no honor in compromise.

There is only honor in victory."
-The Hida War Banner [2]

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