Ancestral Sword of the Fox Clan
Created by: Unkown
First used by: Unkown
Currently in the possession of: Kitsune Gohei

The Ancestral Sword of the Fox Clan was made for the Ki-Rin who stayed in Rokugan, eventually becoming the Fox Clan, to protect Ki-Rin lands during the Ki-Rin's Exodus. [1]

Black Scroll Edit

It was an exquisite blade, and sometime during the Third Century, it was taken from the Fox Clan by order of Emperor Hantei Genji. Genji had Togashi Nyoko rebuild the sword's furnishings and wrap the hilt with silk made by the Kami Shinjo. Beneath the silk was secretly, per Genji's order, hidden the Black Scroll, the Walking Horror of Fu Leng. The sword was later stolen by the Scorpion Clan and hidden beneath the mountains near Otosan Uchi. As it was officially the Scorpion's duty to guard the Black Scrolls, it was very likely that Genji authorized the Scorpion to take the sword. [1]

Lost Edit

During years it was believed lost during an earthquake that destroyed the Fox palace near the hills of Otosan Uchi. [2]

Recovery Edit

In 1124, as part of her gempukku, Kitsune Ryosei infiltrated the sword's hiding place and retrieved it. To finish her gempukku, she brought it back to her father, Kitsune Gohei, who opened the scroll and became the Walking Horror of Fu Leng. After failing to kill Ryosei, Gohei escaped with the blade. [3] [1]


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