Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Clan 
Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Clan
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Mirumoto
Currently in the possession of: Broken and unused in Tengoku

The Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Clan was the hereditary blade of the Dragon Clan, traditionally carried by the Mirumoto Daimyo. [1]

Wielders Edit

Mirumoto Satsu wielded the sword until his death at the hands of Hida Yakamo. The blade was later bestowed upon Satsu's sister, Mirumoto Hitomi, by Togashi Yokuni after her gempukku. [2]

Destruction Edit

Dragon Sword is Broken

Dragon Sword is Broken

In 1127 the blade was shattered by Hida Yakamo during the Battle of Beiden Pass, when he dueled Mirumoto Hitomi. He used the Oni's Claw to crush Hitomi's hand and shatter the blade. The shards were found by the Dragon, whithout trace of Hitomi, who was believed dead. [3]

Resting at Tengoku Edit

The katana was taken from the mortal realm and placed among the stars by Lady Shinjo. The wakizashi was placed in a shrine to Mirumoto Hojatsu. [1]

Known Wielders Edit

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