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Ancestral Katana of the Dragon

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Ancestral Katana of the Dragon 
Ancestral Katana of the Dragon
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Mirumoto
Currently in the possession of: Unused in Tengoku

The Ancestral Katana of the Dragon was the katana first wielded by Mirumoto. Though the Togashi family had usually ruled the Dragon Clan, they had never been a particularly militant order, and had left stewardship of the Clan to the Mirumoto family. [1]

Abilities Edit

It was the same effects as jade in the minions of the Shadowlands and increased the duel capability of its bearer. [2]


When Amaterasu ordered that the Ancestral Swords be scattered among the heavens as retribution for the death of Onnotangu, the Dragon Katana was taken from Ningen-do and placed in Tengoku. [3]

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