Hiruma Bushi

Hiruma Bushi

The Hiruma Bushi school had been twice founded throughout the history of Rokugan. Students of the Hiruma family were trained in the ancient Hiruma dojo until the loss of their lands in 716 to the forces of the Shadowlands. After their lands were reclaimed, a Hiruma dojo was reestablished, but as the ancient techniques had been lost to time, the new dojo tought entirely new techniques.

Last Student Edit

The last surviving student of the Hiruma Bushi school, Hiruma Sokokai, died in 755. This marked the final loss of all the advanced techniques of the Hiruma family. [1] Only a kata survived, the one taught by Sokokai to Hiruma Uchiki. Uchiki died in the Udekura-Mori, trying to recover the Hiruma lost scroll from the zombies who kept it. [2]

Reclaiming the Hiruma lands Edit

Until 1130, the lands of Hiruma were occupied by the Shadowlands and formal Hiruma training was done in a branch of the Shinjo family dojo, as its emphasis on stealth and observation techniques were very similar to that of the Hiruma. [3]

Training Edit

Hiruma Dojo

Hiruma Dojo

Hiruma Scouts underwent a series of rigorous preparations prior to entering the Shadowlands. Wards and sigils were painted on their bodies, and they were issued jade talismans for protection. A standard scouting rotation lasted a week, then the scouts would have no less than four weeks to recuperate from the ordeal. The Hiruma Scouts were trained to flee threats, not fight. For their Clan, reliable information was more important than death.[3]

Rediscovered Edit

In 1149 there was reported a small band of Lost Hiruma who combated their untainted brethren with the forgotten Hiruma Techniques. [4] In 1169 the Hiruma found a ruined dojo in the Shadowlands. It was an old Hiruma Dojo which housed the lost Hiruma Bushi techniques. [5] The current Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Todori came immediately there, and even declined the opportunity to participate in the Test of the Emerald Champion. [6]

Ancestral Hiruma Techniques Edit

Ancestral Hiruma Techniques

Ancestral Hiruma Techniques

Known Kata of the Ancestral Hiruma Edit

Known Sensei Edit

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